It’s Been a While…….

Its been over 1.5 years since I’ve posted anything on my blog, and I just wanted to update you all on what’s going on at the newly constructed studio. A new website is in the works, along with some new 3D Artworks that ill be producing very soon. Also my travels in the last few years have taken me to new levels with fresh ideas and inspiration.   Thanks for all your support, and I look forward to connecting with you all very soon!!

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Arthiteckture Series: Furniture concepts & Custom mirror installations

Ive always had the desire to build  Custom furniture incorporating artwork, and some high tech gadgetry which i will talk about in a future blog post. The second i was presented with an opportunity to design & build…. I couldn’t resist!

The home has a very industrial feel to it, which became my inspiration to build  & compliment this masterfully crafted 1.5 story mansion. The Direction was to keep it as minimal as possible to where it would standout, but not dominate the the living space being overly designed. Simple clean lines with a high gloss plexi were the perfect combination. 2 pieces of furniture and 2 custom mirrors were installed. Pictures below will give you a much better idea of why im soo excited about My Arthiteckture1881 Furniture Series!

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My Next BIG Project Update…….New photos Attached!!!!

A while back i posted a blog about a custom home being built in the St.Albert area. The house i speak of is a 1.5 story 3000 Sq Ft home, with all the madness you can handle!!!  Roof top patio, Custom made Kitchen, as well as some slick lighting and extras you can expect from a custom project.

I was originally commissioned to design some mirrors for 2 bathrooms, as well as some artwork. However, other projects were discussed and now a custom made fireplace, desk, and entertainment system wrapped in a high gloss plexi glass have been completed.  I have never attempted such a project before so this was a real challenge for me. I could always envision how it would turn out , and i couldn’t deny myself the opportunity to truly create something unique and just flat out sexy!!!

The house is in the final stages, and it looks unbelievable!!!  Below are some photos taken a few months ago. A full video showcase, and walkthrough will be presented in the near future…… stay tuned!!!!!

Below is a link to the old blog post :


An old photo of the house. The exterior is complete and will have some new photos when the house is complete.


Main Entrance staircase.




Main living room Roof with lighting imported from Italy.


This form matches the exact shape of the countertop in the kitchen. Oh…. it also lights up!!!


Some colour  with Hidden lights installed


The countertop to which the ceiling form matches


The sick faucet in the Kitchen


Main floor bathroom. Custom mirror # 1  location. custom Rod system mirror installation


 main floor stand up shower…..Ya i know it looks crazy!!


Entertainment system for bedroom…This is wrapped in a Red HIghgloss Plexi!!!


Floating desk, Main office upstairs. This is also wrapped in Orange and white High Gloss Plexiglass.




A preview of the finished Artwork on the Desk. Final product reveal will follow with some video!!


Fireplace in main livingroom. The center piece is wrapped in white Plexi, and everything else is in a High gloss Black plexiglass. I can’t wait to reveal this!!!!!!!!!!


A shot of the center piece for the fireplace wrapped in Plexi. Looks like Glass !!!!!


Custom Closet setup in Master Bedroom… again imported from italy!!!


1 of many modern lighting fixtures in the house. No compromise when it came to the little details of the house. 

. Image

Double sink in master bedroom, with faucets and water installed into mirror !!!  Custom Red Plexi Inserts on the sides of the mirrors installed by me. Little details like this make this home that muchmore desirable and slick!!! 


Master bedroom standup shower! If your wondering the 2 sinks and mirror sit directly across from this stand up shower.


All Digital, fully programmable shower!!!!!!!


2nd floor steam shower and bathroom. Right round the corner is a full out Gym, with a garage door that leads you to the roof top patio!!!!!!


 This is the 2nd floor sink and Mirror #2 location. The steam shower is 2 steps away!!. The mirror is a funky shape, and will look amazing in this space. Can’t wait to install!!!

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The Palestinian Bazaar Showcase Featuring: art, film, food, literature, and music was held at the TransAlta Arts Barn in Edmonton on Saturday, March 17, 2012

I was Recently invited to showcase some of my Artwork at The Palestinian Bazaar, presented by Humanserve International Displaying an exciting lineup of films, art exhibits, vendors, performances and family fun.  The evening concert brings much-anticipated hip-hop artists Shadia Monsour. Shadia has independently become one of the leading female Arabian MC’s worldwide. Her natural, flawless ability to switch between rapping and singing is rapidly becoming a cultural phenomenon.

Information about the organizers and event can be seen here:

Watch a video of The bazaar, held at the TransAlta Arts Barn in Edmonton on Saturday, March 17.

Click on the  photos below to view Artwork I Featured at the Palestinian Bazaar!!!

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An Interview With Adnan Elladen: Arthiteckt

A recent interview by Sona Chavda gives an In-depth look at Who I am, my Design influences,  and what the future holds for my 3D plexiglass Artwork/Design.



My meeting with Adnan was coupled with french wine, warm bread, olives and pomme frites all from the amazing Marc, restaurant this week (conveniently apart of Downtown Dining Week). I’ve spent time talking with Adnan and have really learned a lot from his ability to design, sculpt and create. Here you will see an in-depth look into the work of this Arthiteckt

1) How long have you been designing?

AE: Started in 2005, it’s been an ongoing process of research and development. Stopped for about a year and half, I wanted to give up on it but it wouldn’t leave me, it kept knocking back. It’s a good thing I had a break it helped me realize this is what I really wanted to do.

2) What’s your inspiration right now?

AE: Architecture and automotives. That’s always been where the basis of where everything came from. Now it’s bridges, buildings, steel, rawness, trains, skyscrapers, even here [at the Marc] the brick and concrete. I love all that. Oh and the New Audi RS4.

3) How did you come up with certain design concepts? (i.e the plexi or mounting system you came up with).

AE: The plexi material came from my background in automotives. I used to work at a race car shop and a lot of the materials that were used were fiberglass, plexi glass, carbon fiber & aluminum. Plexi was to me, the easiest material to work with. I want to get into aluminum and carbon fiber, more higher end materials , it’s more complex. The mounting systems again came from automotives and just visually seeing it in buildings that’s where the architecture came in. TV shows like Mega Factories, the development process from the Formula One team, I was glued to the TV. The techniques inspired me. It’s way a product is presented.

4) When designing what makes things beautiful to you?

AE: Colours. Really just the final product, when I’m designing something The complexity and detail it’s worth it in the end.

5) Have you collaborated with other designers or artists? And if not, would you?

AE: I would definitely love to, there are a few out there that I’d like to work with. There are a couple of graffiti artists in the UK that are doing some cool stuff. Maybe with some of the work that they do, I could take them through the 3D process and maybe elaborate on what they’ve done. In terms of businesses, mostly architects, there are a few that I would want to work with. I want someone who has the same visual aspects where my work will fit in.

I found out the name of the company that developed the Art Gallery of Alberta, and I thought, this is me! The aluminum the industrial feel to it, and the glass and the hardware. I thought to myself I need to work with these guys!

Mos Definite

6) How does your cultural background influence your work?

AE: Being Muslim, a lot of their architecture like their Mosques in the Middle East, I’ve never been there but in seeing photos – it influences my work. A lot of their work is hand-made. Using geometric shapes, that’s where the math comes in. I want to get more abstract – that and I guess when I do the Islamic [work] that will be a big influence.

7) Where do you want to see your art?

AE: I would like to see it in the Art Gallery. I’d like to have a showcase of my Arthiteckture series because the Art Gallery represents my work that I do. Very industrial, with the pulley systems, cables and the hardware, it blends in perfectly. I’d like to see it in high-end homes, progressive/forward thinking homes. I’d love to work with brands in the automotive business such as Volkswagen AG more specifically Audi, and Lamborghini. I’d like to do some branding or a marketing campaign. My own clothing line  Someone who is open to thinking outside the traditional realm of design. I want the freedom thought to do what I want.

[the architect of the Art Gallery of Alberta is Randall Stout]

8) Who are your role models?

AE: For me, I’m self taught in terms of how I actually developed everything, so anybody who is willing to be patient and take the time to understand and develop anything I respect – I don’t like the education process, I like people thinking outside the box, without formal training. I like graffiti artists as well. it then comes back to automotive in that industry I love the technology – which is inspirational.

9) Where do you see yourself find 5 years?

AE: I hope to have my own lounge/gallery as one where I can design and build everything myself showcasing my skill set, along with my own full studio setup connected in the back With a big garage door . :)   Actually working with some of the companies we have been talking about such as Audi, but I would also like to travel the world, I’d like to be able to showcase my work outside. A lot of the things I want to do are in the Middle East, they are building these grand billion+ dollar hotels beyond anything you’d ever see in North America. Anywhere progressive and innovative in design concepts.

10) Most designers or artists love all their work in it’s own way, but what piece speaks to you the most?

AE: The cable piece that I did, it’s called Vorusprung 1881, it’s the first piece that I made for myself. A lot of the work I’ve done is consulting with clients, but this was for me. The beginning piece for my Arthiteckture series. That speaks to me because it’s got that abstract complexity in it but it also has element of the cables and the industrial theme.

Vorsprung 1881

11) What are you working on right now?

AE: I’m consulting with a few clients right now on some Islamic art, and potentially working with a law firm that wants a piece for their lobby area. And I’m also designing more pieces for the Arthiteckture series, coming up with concepts, ideas, how I’m going to build it. More of just ideas, concepts and strategic planning right now.

12) Aside from your art, you do renovation work for homes?

AE: I’m starting to do home decor. I do custom mirrors, and I did a desk and laid it all in plexi glass. Also i did a fireplaces in a very high gloss plexi. I’d like to get into that some more but only when the client requests it. But now I want to focus on one thing. I’m still trying to develop more installation systems, like the cables. I want to make that the art, rather than make the artwork the art. I’d like to get into more sculptures, and maybe incorporate some sort of abstract art and plexi in there. I have a friend that has these high-end metals, and I weld…so it actually ties into the automotive world, especially using carbon fibre and exotic materials for some large-scale sculptures.

13) In 20 years, when you’ve established yourself as a designer, would you ever see yourself teaching?

AE: Yes I’d love to, especially in the form of inspiring people. When I went to school, I was taking business and all I was taught was to work in a bank…it was never to go outside and do your own thing, and something that you love. It made me believe that anything is possible.

People tend to be afraid to draw and open up, I just went for it. And it made me
believe that I could do anything, that anything was possible. There are no

You can follow Sona on her website @ :

Twitter @sonachavda


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I’m Gonna Knock You Out

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is one of the most popular events watched by millions worldwide. In 2011 the UFC gained its popularity after a cable expansion in major countries like Canada, US, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

I was thrilled when a private client who has a great passion for the sport commissioned me to create one of the most iconic figures in the sport – Anderson Silva. Silva is of Brazilian decent and holds the longest winning streak and title defence streak in UFC history. Dana White (president of the UFC) proclaimed Silva as the greatest fighter in the history of mixed martial arts.

This specific portrait of Silva was made from glass pieces painted in 5 colors (black, white, and 3 tones of grey). To finish this piece off beautifully I installed it with 6 brushed aluminum standoffs.


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In Memory of Notorious B.I.G…. 14 Years Later

This blog post is dedicated to Christopher Wallace, A.K.A Notorious B.I.G  the anniversary of his death on March 9th 1997. When I first started my design work back in 2005 I made a Biggie Smalls painting that got into the hands of his good friend and producer Diddy a.k.a Sean Combs. A year later MTV had a special on Biggie Smalls and sure enough my painting was in the background. Luckily, my friend had PVR, paused the interview and took a picture of the screen with his camera. This is definitely one of the most exciting things I’ve experienced in my art career so far.

The piece I made below was a handmade Acrylic Painting sized 3ft wide and 4ft tall. Now I’m planning to do something in 3D Plexiglass of Biggie Smalls and somehow get it to Diddy again: perhaps an art piece for The Bad Boy Records Studio.

Notorious BIG Acrylic Hand Painting By Adnan Elladen on MTV Featuring Snoop Dogg

Notorious BIG Acrylic Hand Painting By Adnan Elladen

Notorious B.I.G  was killed by an unknown assailant in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles. His double-disc set Life After Death, released 15 days later, hit #1 on the U.S. album charts and was certified Diamond in 2000. Notorious B.I.G  was noted for his “loose, easy flow”, dark semi-autobiographical lyrics and storytelling abilities. Since his death, a further two albums have been released. MTV ranked him at #3 on their list of The Greatest MCs (Rappers) of All Time.

Below are some art pieces I made in tribute to the Born Again Album

Official Born Again Album Cover

Born Again Cover - 4 Piece By Adnan Elladen

Born Again Cover Painting by Adnan Elladen

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